Passion and business naturally come to us, as we grow and market some of the finest cut-flowers for a world that seeks to express its emotions through the language and beauty of flowers.

With a range of almost 100 premium cut flower brands, our journey spans over 25 years in the industry earning Caly Flora the honour as a reliable flower grower and exporter of cut flowers that delivers Kenya’s best to Europe, Japan, Australia and West Africa.


Only the best make the cut for our Beautiful World.

It’s only natural that our beautiful and colourful cut flowers come from an equally endowed, scenic and culturally diverse country located on the idyllic east African coast. Our passion for the ultimate inspires us to push our limits in growing and sourcing our cut flowers from some of the best farms across Kenya, which are spread out across the sprawling green hills and highly productive lands. These sources magnify our range of cut flowers in colour, variety and quality – the perfect mix that help us stand out amongst some of the world’s highly competitive producer countries.

The flower industry in Kenya is supported by a robust infrastructure, ideal climate, global positioning and a highly skilled and committed workforce.

In support of and in fairplay, we grow and source our flowers from producers of all capacities – from small to large, but who meet our expected standards in management and logistical support. Our network of growers are well versed with international standards and are heavily invested in precision-growing and in post-harvesting.


Green products to
Add Life to your Living

Our love for nature goes beyond flowers as we grow and market plants to enhance your home and offices.

As products of Caly Flora, we play our positive role in encouraging the world to own and nuture living, green products.

In addition to our cut flowers and bouquets, we are open to your orders of a vast range of endearing products on